HONEY-B-HEALTHY: is a honeybee feeding stimulant composed of lemongrass and spearmint oil concentrate. HONEY-B-HEALTHY helps promote healthy vigorous hives when used as a feeding stimulant. Use as a feeding stimulant for late winter, early spring, and during dearth's of nectar. Also add to your feeding mix to help build up packages, nucs and swarms.

AMINO-B BOOSTER: used for early spring feeding and brood build up for pollination to maximize production, to rapidly build up packages, nucs and swarms and for feeding bees during times of colony dwindling, late winter, midsummer, and droughts. To build and strengthen weak colonies; especially following Nosema ceranae attack or after pesticide injury. Amino-B Booster provides all necessary amino acids for healthy nurse bees and for production of high quality bee milk and royal jelly for queen production and effective in helping to reduce ‘protein stress’. Especially when bees are producing brood and available pollen sources are limited in quantity and/or the pollen is lacking essential amino acids causing dying yellowing (snot) brood.

VITAMIN B HEALTHY: used as a feeding supplement. Can be used alone in syrups, protein patties and along with Honey-B-Healthy and Amino-B-Booster to help strengthen colonies weakened from disease, pesticides and pollen stress. Helps provide needed nutrients vital for bee health and helps build strong healthy colonies for maximum honey production and pollination. Can also be used to help build up weak, over-winterized colonies, packages, nucs and swarms. Especially beneficial when bees are producing brood and available pollen sources are limited in quantity and/or the pollen is lacking essential vital nutrients causing dying yellowing (snot) brood and dwindling colonies.

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