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Honey-B-Healty is working with northern beekeepers on a way to feed protein and sugar patties using Honey-B-Healty during winter.

During cold weather especially below 55 F a sugar water drench chills the bees due to the cold and being wet they become chilled therefore not being able to clean themselves and die. Mixing granulated sugar with Honey-B-Healthy sugar water into a patty placed over the winter cluster creates somewhat of a winter drench. Also, breaking up the sugar patty mix over the cluster works well allowing small pieces to fall between the frames onto the bees. This will have the similar effect as a wet drench only being dry with little or no harm to the bees.

The heat and moisture from the cluster of bees will rise under the patty therefore warming the patty and disolving a little of the sugar allowing the bees to more rapidly consume the patties see in the photos below.

If you want a more firm patty adding some powdered sugar to the granulated sugar patties helps firm them up.

The patties below are mixed with a teaspoon of Honey-B-Healthy and teaspoon of our new Super Plus in a quart of 1:1 sugar water mixed in dry granulated sugar to make a patty.
If using just Honey-B-Healthy use 2 tsp. in a quart of sugar water. A suggested starting recipe: 2tsp. Honey-B-Healthy, 1tsp. Amino-B Booster and 1/2tsp. Vitamin B Healthy in quart of sugar water. When making the patties if too wet add more sugar and if too dry add a little more sugar water.

These sugar patties can be used anytime of the year to feed weak, pollen stressed or starving colonies. Honey-B-Healthy, Super Plus, Amino-B Booster& Vitanin B Healthy can be added to sugar and protein patties supplying all the needed carbohydrares, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to raise healthy brood. Artificial Diet.

Honey-B-Healthy Protein patty information:
http://honeybhealthy.comatty/fpattycomp.html -

To feed thicker patties make about a 2 inch extension the size of a candy board on the super top to allow for thicker patties under the inner cover. Or make a candy board using sugar.

You Tube site on how to make sugar cand:y boards:

Fondant recipe for bees:
You Tube video on how to make fondant for bees:


Click Here: For Protein Requirements of the Honeybees:

In the north as weather warms during late winter and early spring the bees become more active with the bees usually in the top super; a good way to feed is with a hive top feeder. Bee Smart Designs makes an excellent feeder for year around feeding. Their enclosed feeder will prevent any evaporation of the volitile constituents from our products.

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The patties in these photos were on for 48 hours over small clusters in 30 and 40 degree F daytime temps.

The best feeding dose found was 2tsp.of HBH and 2 tsp.  of the new Super Plus in a quart of sugar water. To see a video of the bees feeding frenzy of this dose go to the following URL:

Bees frenzy over Honey-B-Healthy and Amino-B Booster. -

There are some that say there's a phenomenon called molecular frequencies in play here and certain combinations of essential oils amplify the effect of any individual oil (synergy).  While we don't know the exact mechanism responsible for our products' efficacy, there's no question about their overall outstanding performance. And there are others that say they are Cytophylatic (cell protecting, healing).

See below how the bees frenzy after Super Plus. They seem to know it's good for them.

----------Put on at 12:25pm 9-12-15 --------------------2 Hours 15 Minutes Later----------------5 Hours 20 Minutes Later----------------------Lid with 4 frame nail holes------
Note: To control cosumption rate of feeding syrups we use lids with 4 frame nail sized holes.

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