See our patties top & bottom and purchased patty in the middle placed on hive #1 on 11-13-11.
Paper removed from the purchased patty in the center to help with faster consumption.
Please excuse out of focus Camera.
Hive #1


One day later bees smoked off the patties on 11-14-11.


Two days later without the bees smoked off. 11-16-11.
Ours almost 100% gone and their's barely touched.

Bees smoked off remaining patties 11-16-11.


Below is test Hive #2 with the same testing time frame and it rained today and the remnant
from our patty got wet below from a feeder hole covered with a brick.

Their patty on top and ours below and see how fast the remnant began to mold after the water droplets
washed away some of the patty constituents. Also, their patty is virtullay untouched as Hive #1 test above.

We add Amino-B along with HBH and a our new EX mineral vitamin mix and the bees really consume the patties. The Amino-B really helps with the consumtion by the bees and
the faster they consume the mix the healthier the bees will become.

Even with the pater removed from the purchased patty the bees still did not consume them as they did our protein patty mix.

The bees seem to know the patties contain all the nutrients they need.