Pollen Stress

The picture below shows pollen stress in Florida due to poor pollen lacking specific nutrients especially amino acids. This pollen stress seems to show during July, August and winter.
Various plants are known to have pollen which is toxic to honey bees, and in some cases pesticide contaminated pollen can be toxic the brood.

There are some beekeepers in Florida that feed Honey-B-Healthy and Amino-b during times of pollen stress and have reversed this dying brood.

Red arrows show dead or dying (yellowish) lara.
Green arrows show apparent healthy larva.


See dead and dying larva in picture below as compared to helathy pearly white larva. Apparently some of the larva got the needed amount of nutrients or pollen not containing pesticides.
This dead and dying brood can severely weaken a colony.


The picture below shows brood raised on Honey-B-Healthy and Amino-B during winter when the hive should have been broodless. The Amino-B Booster contains all the Amino Acids (protein) needed
by the bees. All natural pollen was removed and as you see the lara are big fat pearly white and healthy not as the frame above with many dying larva raised on natural poor pollen lacking nutrients collected
by the bees or contaminated with pesticides.

Yellow arrows show the stored Amino-B Booster in the pollen area as pollen. All pollen was removed from this colony to do this test.
Red arrows show healthy pearly white larva raised on the Amino-B Booster.


Yellow Jasmine pollen is poisonous to brood and bees.
Touching them can cause an allergic reaction and fatal to
humans if ingested.